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Gui Menga

Gui is teaching a 1-Day Workshop with Aline Kaori at Legacies III:
Mix & Match: Calligraphy & Lettering as Design Tools

Gui Menga (he/him) is a calligrapher and lettering artist working from São Paulo, Brazil. He began his learning journey in 2008 with Andrea Branco and Cláudio Gil, two of the most prominent calligraphy artists and teachers in Brazil. Since then, he has studied with some of the best letter artists around, such as John Stevens, Julian Waters, Luca Barcellona, Martina Flor, Ale Paul and many others. Besides working with clients and brands to give voice to letters in advertising and design projects, he has been teaching lettering and calligraphy and sharing his knowledge on history and techniques of calligraphy since 2014.