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Jerry Tresser

Jerry is teaching a Mini-Class at Legacies III:
The Techniques & Secrets to Raised Gilding

Jerry Tresser began his journey into lettering in the mid-70’s and had the chance to join in the Master Class conducted by Hermann Zapf at Rochester University, and continued his study under Emre Schwemmel and Sheila Waters, exposing himself to many skills in addition to broad edged lettering. He has taught at several International Calligraphy Conferences, Guild sponsored workshops, and taught private lessons. Early on he became intrigued with the preparation of Gesso and Manuscript Illumination, a passion he still pursues and passes along to students today.  

 No stranger to the calligraphic world, his work has been published in multiple publications, including The Speedball Text Book and International Calligraphy Today. It was an honor when he was offered a one man show at the World Trade Center in New Orleans.

 Jerry has authored the book “Technique of Raised Gilding,” now available on CD. He has penned multiple articles relating to Gilding, most recently in “Bound & Lettered,” and “The Society of Gilders.” His technique focuses on the unique shine that has adorned manuscripts for several hundred years, and can only be obtained following traditional preparation and training.

 A member of the South Florida Calligraphy Guild for over 25 years, Jerry has served as President and Workshop Chairman.