Paul Antonio

Paul is teaching the following 1-Day Workshop at Legacies III:
Fraktur In Its Glory

Paul Antonio was born in 1974, in Trinidad in the West Indies where he fell in love with nature and the representation of nature and geography. It is from this love of the writing on old maps and botanical and wildlife illustration that his passion for western calligraphy blossomed.

Paul left for London, England in May 1998 and went on to study Letterform History at the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication, University of Reading (1998). After being awarded one of the ten Art & Crafts Scholarships from The Commonwealth Foundation he went to Reigate School of Art and Design to study Calligraphy, Gilding and Heraldic Painting specialising in Historical Materials and Techniques He got the only Distinction in his year (2000).

Having always been interested in the history and the development of writing, Paul went on the study Arabic Calligraphy, English Palaeography and Archaeological Illustration at Birkbeck University (2001).

In 2003 he went to Egypt as the Assistant Archaeological Illustrator, for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, to copy hieroglyphs. This role assisted him in illustrating some of the hieroglyph collection at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, London. It also allowed him to run a year-long course on ‘An Egyptian Writing System’ for Birkbeck University and some intermittent courses for undergraduates at UCL, the British Museum and the general public.

Paul’s love of Palaeography is the key to his studies in the various historical scripts he teaches. He has an innovative methodology by distilling the basics from a geometric perspective to act as a framework for the learning of an historical script. This allows the students easy access to the script in a simplified form to then graft the manuscript versions on top of.

Paul currently runs a calligraphy practise in London where he teaches calligraphy and handwriting as well as works on commissions for various clients.