Discover, Learn & Create at Legacies III

At the 39th International Lettering Arts Conference
A virtual calligraphy experience for all ability levels.

May 4 Registration Countdown









Set aside the week of July 3-10, 2021, to learn and improve your lettering skills and get inspired from lettering professionals and peers in the lettering community. All ability levels will benefit whether it’s learning a new hand in a Workshop, participating in a Mini-class or attending demos, exhibits, lectures, Show & Share and more!


Attendee Perks

FULL REGISTRANTS have access to 5 days of live, online Workshops and their respective recordings (25 hours of instruction) through June 1, 2022, the Conference App, afternoon and evening lectures, demo night presentations, the Legacies III Scribe Store, Show & Share, Vendor Trade Show, Exhibits, in addition to discounts on Mini-class registration and a la carte recording purchases, and more!

Be one of the first 300 confirmed Early Birds and receive a deluxe SWAG (Stuff We All Get) Box delivered to your doorstep in June.

Conference Workshops

Scribes register for Legacies III and choose 5 days of Workshops offered throughout the week. Workshops are offered in 1-day, 2-day and 3-day sessions. Each day is comprised of two 2-hour sessions with a 30 minute Q&A for a total of 5 hours of instruction.
1-day = 5 hours
2-days = 10 hours
3-days = 15 hours
Workshops will be posted by April 30, 2021

A la Carte Workshop Recordings

FULL REGISTRANTS may purchase additional recordings of live Workshops, for viewing through June 1, 2022. (Attendee discount privilege applies)
NON-REGISTRANTS may purchase access to view the recordings of live Workshops, beginning July 12 through June 1, 2022


MINI-CLASSES are a separate program from the conference registration. Non-Registrants and Full Registrants can enjoy live 90-minute or 3-hour Mini-classes. Post conference, live recordings will be available for viewing through July 31.
90 minute Mini-class rate:
$24.50 for attendees/$45 for non-attendees
3 hour Mini-class rate:
$34.50 for attendees/$55 for non-attendees.
Mini-classes will be posted April 30, 2021.

Show & Share

Legacies III Attendees will post their Workshop images on the Show & Share Board throughout conference week. The Show & Share Board will grow daily, as each Workshop and Mini-class reveals the session results. Show & Share will be available on for viewing publicly following the conference.

Vendor Trade Show

Exhibitors and Sponsors bring Full Registrants and Non-registrants the latest, popular brands and product lines to the Legacies III Attendee Hub throughout the week. Watch for the Scavenger Hunt and door prizes too!


Legacies III will feature three virtual exhibits during conference and following conference week. Full Attendees and Non-Registrants will enjoy the Faculty Exhibit, Participants’ Exhibit and the Pony Express Envelope Contest Exhibit.

Scribe Store

Full Registrants and Non-Registrants may browse the Legacies III online Scribe Store consignment shop. The Scribe Store is filled with delights for letter lovers created by scribes in the lettering community, participants and faculty. Buy great gifts for your friends and family and yourself at this online store! Legacies III online Scribe Store opens July 3, through July 31, 2021. Information on consigning your calligraphic prints and hand crafted items will be available on this site by April 30th.

Banner Display

Conference banners from the past 39 years will be displayed throughout the week, along with participating Guild banners.

The lettering community grows each year through local Calligraphy Guilds throughout the world. If you are new to lettering and calligraphy, or moving to a new area, there is likely a calligraphy guild near you to hook up with either virtually and/or in-person. Here is a list of current US/Canadian Guilds & Societies updated January 2021 by Summit Scribes in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Studio Tours

Scribes will show you how they organize their art studios at home. If you are interested in submitting a live 5 to 7 minute session or pre-recorded video tour of your studio space during Legacies III week, please contact Monica, at

Pony Express Envelope Contest

Send a #10 Business size, decorated and hand-addressed envelope (theme is Western/Texas) to enter the third Pony Express Envelope contest.
Prizes will be awarded in three categories, Pointed PenBrush, Broad-edge/Ruling pen and Humor. Limited to 2 entries per person. Postmark deadline is June 5, 2021.
For complete rules visit Pony Express Envelope Contest.

LEGACIES III distinguished faculty

Take a week off to learn a variety of calligraphy styles, techniques, and skills
from our professional instructors

Riccardo  Ali

…and more!

Enjoy Workshops, Mini-classes, Demonstrations, Presentations, Exhibits
Scribe Store, Vendor Show and more!



Early Birds get $100 savings on the $599 General Registration tuition with this non-refundable deposit.
Be one of the first 300 Early Birds to receive a deluxe, sponsor-supported SWAG (Stuff-We-All-Get) Box • Ships in June to the first 300 confirmed attendees.



What is the advantage of Early Bird registration?

Early Bird’s receive $100 savings on the General Registration tuition through May 3rd. The first 300 Early Birds will also receive a deluxe, sponsor-supported SWAG (Stuff We All Get) Box – shipped to their doorstep the first week of June. Early Birds will also receive access to the conference catalog prior to General Registration.

How does this year’s virtual conference work?

Attendees register for 5-days of Workshops, where they can choose from more than 70 Live Project/Process-based, day-long sessions.
The conference will take place over the course of 7 days.
All live-attending students receive a link to view the recorded video of their registered Workshops through June 1, 2022. Attendees also have the opportunity to purchase additional videos for any Workshop recorded through June 1, 2022.
Full-week attendees also receive discounted rates on mini-classes and additional Workshop recording purchases.

How much will the conference cost?

The General Registration opens May 4th and the tuition is $599. Early Bird registration tuition is $499 through 11:59pm Central Time – May 3rd. Early Bird requires a minimum non-refundable deposit of $100.

How can we know which teacher is teaching what course and if they are 1,2, or 3 days?

​The teachers and offerings will be available as soon as possible. The website is updated daily to bring you up to date information. Please check back often or get on our mailing list for updates.

Conference attendees will be able to pick their Workshops in Day increments- any combination adding up to 5; five 1-day Workshops, two 2-day + one 1-day Workshops, three 1-day + one 2-day Workshops, one 3-day + two 1-day Workshops.

How long are the Workshops?

Workshops are offered in 1-day, 2-day and 3-day sessions. Each day is comprised of two 2-hour sessions with a 30 minute Q&A for a total of 5 hours of instruction.
1-day = 5 hours
2-days = 10 hours
3-days = 15 hours

When do Workshops begin?

Most Workshops are scheduled to begin July 5th through July 9th. Some Workshops may begin on July 3 to accommodate the Instructor’s schedule. July 10th has been designated a Technical Make-up day.

How long are Mini-classes and when do they begin?

Mini-classes are held in 90-minute or 3-hour sessions and scheduled to begin July 3rd through the week of the conference. Mini-classes are additional to the week-long tuition and are discounted to week-long attendees.

Do I need to make any preparations prior to the start of conference?

As all offerings are virtual, preparing your work area, tools, sound and internet connection (200 Mbps is a good connection) are the best way to prepare for conference events.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Due to the commitment requirements to our Faculty, Early Bird deposits and General Registration fees are non-refundable. Cancellations receive a receipt for donation to Texas Lettering Arts Council, (a 501(c)(3) non profit educational organization) and forfeit SWAG Box delivery. The balance must be paid at the time of Workshop registration. Allow 4 weeks for over payment processing via paper check.  In the event a recording doesn’t render properly, and a make-up session is not possible, participants will be credited for another recording of the same value.

Pony Express Envelope Contest


Send a #10 Business size, decorated and hand-addressed envelope (the theme is Western/Texas) to enter the 3rd Pony Express Envelope contest.
Prizes will be awarded in three categories, Pointed Pen/Brush, Broad-edge/Ruling pen and Humor. Limited to 2 entries per person. Postmark deadline is June 5, 2021. Get complete rules here.