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Legacies III International Lettering Arts Conference

Everything You Need To Know

UPDATED 07-05-2021

Maverick aka Phan Nguyen will catch you up with the day’s adventures at 8:30am. Announcements can be replayed on-demand. Notifications will be posted via the phone app and in the Attendee Hub.

The Attendee Hub is where Full-week attendees join classes, lectures, demos and socials. Keep this link handy to join the Attendee Hub daily.
To sign in: Click on the Attendee Hub link. Enter the name and email you registered with. A verification code will be sent to your inbox for entrance to the Attendee Hub.

Workshops will incorporate 5 – 10-minutes of stretching and R&R breaks per hour for participants. A 2-hour “Lunch” break follows the morning session.

All Workshops and Mini-classes are held virtually on the Legacies III Attendee Hub via Zoom online. Workshops will are held from July 2-9, 2021. Keep July 10th open as a Technical make-up day on your calendar, in the unlikely event of a power outage or other technical problems that could impair the instructors ability to teach.

View notifications and your schedule on the Legacies III conference app by Cvent. 
All attendees will receive an invitation link to join the Attendee Hub by June 30th. Once you download the Cvent Events app to your phone from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, search for Legacies III for login.

To login either with computer or app: Click on the invitation link in your inbox to access the Legacies III login page every morning. You will be prompted to enter: name and email address used to register. Select NEXT. Cvent sends a verification code via email and/or text message with a verification code. Copy the verification code, then return to your browser, enter the code, and click Log in. The verification code is unique to you and only good for 24 hours. For login instructions, please visit this link by Cvent. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the Attendee Hub and phone app prior to the conference.

View a continuous rodeo of conference banners over the years, beginning in 1981 with the broad vision of Jo White, held in St. Cloud, MN, who knew this would be a great Paper & Ink Gang to Round-Up! Thanks to Jo’s vision, we’re heading into our Ruby year of conferences!

The Conference Office will be open during conference hours. Find us under Exhibitors in the Attendee Hub.

Legacies III registration and virtual platform includes three components by Cvent.
1. Registration – which issues a confirmation number to modify your registration once it has been created.
2. Attendee Hub – this is where you’ll find Classes, Lectures, Demos, Tips, Exhibitors, Games, Sponsors and Socials.
A verification code unique to each attendee, is required to enter the Attendee Hub and is only good for 24 hours..
3. Cvent Events App – This is another way to access the Attendee Hub and receive notifications about conference activities.
The same verification code is used to enter the Attendee Hub via computer and phone.

EXHIBITS – Find the FACULTY EXHIBIT and PARTICIPANT Exhibit on this site.
Pony Express will be up by Wednesday. Remember to vote for your favorite Pony Express Envelope by July 7th. Winners will be announced Friday at closing ceremony.

If we had hosted an in-person conference in Dallas, Texas, our Legacies III First-Time attendees would be called Green Horns. So, in keeping with tradition, first-time attendees are encouraged to attend the Green Horn meeting on Saturday, July 3 from 12:00-1:00pm, hosted by Point Rider, Heather Martinez and Trail Boss, Angie Vangalis. Green Horns will get some rootin’ tootin’ advice for navigating the week from experienced old hands. Technically, we are all Green Horns to the virtual conference landscape, so anyone may pop in through the Attendee Hub.

The tradition of hanging Guild Banners from the rafters is still something to be featured on To submit: upload a photo of your Guild Banner here. Please share this link with your Guild representatives, it will be so nice to see the guilds represented.

Kristi Darwick will round-up the “Guild Rep Gang” through Zoom on Saturday, July 3 from 12:00-1:00pm CDT. This meeting addresses Guild concerns and successes! Everyone is invited. If you have a specific question to shout out to other guilds, please contact Kristi Darwick by July 2nd.

Handouts are available for each Workshop and Mini-class in the Attendee Hub.
Locate your class, double click on the title to open the description page, then scroll to the bottom of the page to Session Content and click the download icon to retrieve handouts to your computer. See below.

Download graphic
The Hitchin’ Post Zoom room opens on the Attendee Hub at 8:00am CDT. Join us every morning over a pot of coffee and biscuits before heading off to class. Break-out rooms will be available for hanging out with friends.

Padlet allows us to share our work both in individual classes and the Show & Share. A Padlet will be created for each workshop – this is where you can share your practice pages and finished works.
Sharing may be anonymous or include your name and comments.
To learn how to post to and leave comments on Padlet, please watch this video by Heather Martinez starting at 7:23 in the video.
Simply point your phone or camera at the QR code your Wrangler Tech Host will share in class to post your work into the Padlet gallery. To have your work included in the Show & Share:
Mark 1-2 images per workshop with YOUR NAME at the Top of the Post and type “Show & Share” in the comment section below.
Your image(s) will be included into the Show & Share Gallery for you.
Note: No need to download the app, it often impedes the process. Some Samsung phones are not compatible.

Upload one high resolution (300dpi 6” x 4”) JPEG image for 2-dimensional work, or two JPEG images of 3-dimensional work. Use this link to upload your Participant Exhibit image by Friday, July 1, 2021. Brand each image with your Last Name, followed by your First Name. Include: Media used and size. Contact for questions.

Please vote for your favorite decorated envelope in each category:
1. Broad-edge or Ruling pen 2. Pointed Brush or Pen 3. Humorous. 
Attendees will receive the voting link by July 6, 2021.

You may purchase access to Workshop recordings following the conference, and expire June 1, 2022. Lectures, Demos, Tips and Mini-class recordings are viewable on the Attendee Hub through July 31, 2021. Access to recorded Workshops is available after the conference. Full-week attendees receive discounted rates using this form through July 31, 2021. Regular pricing goes into effect August 1, 2021.

Due to the commitment requirements to our Faculty, Early Bird deposits and General Registration fees are non-refundable. Cancellations receive a receipt for donation to Texas Lettering Arts Council, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization, and forfeit SWAG Box delivery. Allow 4 weeks for over payment processing via paper check. In the event a recording doesn’t render properly, and a make-up session is not possible, participants will be credited for another recording of equal value of their choice.

Earn points throughout the week with your attendance and participation in virtual events. Winning participants will be mailed their prizes for the highest points gathered.


   Morning coffee at the Hitchin’ Post doors swing open at 8:00am CDT starting Sunday, 4 July.

   Full-day Workshops have 2 daily sessions. Now listed as 1A and 1B for 1-day Sessions. 2A & 2B for the second day of 2-day Workshops, and 3A and 3B for the third day of 3-day Workshops.
The first/AM session runs from 9:00am to 11:30am CDT, with a 2-hour break to view the mid-day lecture.
The second/afternoon session runs from 1:30pm to 4:00pm CDT.

Live Demonstrations are scheduled between 5:00pm and 7:00pm CDT

Lectures begin at 7:30pm CDT, with exception of Saturday (5:00pm CDT) and Sunday (4:30pm CDT).

Long Branch Saloon opens following the lecture for evening social time in the Exhibit Hall.

Scriptorium – Located in the Exhibit Hall. Interested in doing your homework along with other scribes? How about a 1 on 1 tutorial session with your instructlor or mentor? A study-time zoom room will be available following the lecture. The rules: Optional chat and share time for 15 minutes at the top of the hour, then 45 minutes of working on your own – open after the evening lecture of the day until 11:59pm CDT.
Note: After-hour Zoom rooms are not recorded and run by participants – Suzi Ickles, Wrangler Tech Host.

Instructors, Participants and Non-Participants have consigned their original artwork, prints, handcrafted items, printed or painted goods through the conference virtual Scribe Store. The doors swing open on July 3rd and open for business 24/7, July 3 – 17, 2021.

We are still looking for studio tours! Be an inspiration and show off your home studio and/or artwork in progress during the week at Legacies III. Studio tour visits should be 5 to 7 minutes long and can be conducted live or pre-recorded. Contact Monica at

TECH HOST WRANGLERS aka Class Monitors
Your Wrangler Tech Host will monitor the Chat Room for questions, and the Instructor’s and students’ needs. Get your Tech Host’s phone and email on the first day of class in case you run into problems. Late arrivals will still be admitted and expected to catch up on their own.

All Legacies III events will be in Texas Time (Central Daylight Time). A good time converter that is visual can be found here.
Workshops times are from 9:00am to 11:30am and 1:30pm to 4:00pm CDT.
NOTE: The Attendee Hub can display the time according to your own time zone OR according to Central Daylight Time. It defaults to the attendee’s time zone, so people might needlessly recalculate the times displayed in the schedule.

TRADING POST aka Vendor Trade Show
Visit EXHIBITORS in the Attendee Hub throughout the week.

A fun trivia game! How well do you know your favorite Pen-Slinger? Prizes will be awarded and shipped.

WIND DOWN at the Long Branch Saloon
Kick off your boots and sit a spell following the lectures Saturday through Thursday, step into the Long Branch Saloon where you might even run into Miss Kitty, to catch up on the events of the day and relax with old and new friends before heading to the bunkhouse.

Students are encouraged to share images of their work completed in their Workshops in Padlet, a FREE online image viewing software which requires a download to your phone or tablet. Your Tech Host Wrangler will have the QR code you need to log into and post your classwork. Posting must be completed by the end of each Workshop day. Learn how to use Padlet HERE starting at 7:23 in the video.

This is how Legacies III is connecting with attendees for classes, demos and lectures. Attendees should have the most recent version of Zoom by selecting “Check for Updates” in the Zoom app on your computer OR by downloading the most recent version to your computer.
A computer is recommended for the best experience at Legacies III.
Logging in with a phone should only be used as a second camera for instructor/class viewing of work-in-progress during class time. Be sure to rename the phone as “your name” so the instructor knows who’s phone it is.

Hide & Seek Zoom Graphic   Hide & Seek Zoom – Ever lose your window during a Zoom meeting?
Watch this informative video by Michal Sommers to navigate between apps    on a Mac.


1. Understand how Padlet works.
2. Update to the most recent version of Zoom.
3. Download the Cvent Events App to your phone.
4. Check out the conference Attendee Hub website (link will be sent out by Wednesday, June 30th).
5. Get supplies together for your classes.
6. Upload an image for the Participant’s exhibit.
7. Upload an image of your Guild Banner.

See ya real soon!

Trail Boss
Angie Vangalis
Tech Support

Cow Puncher
Sandy Schaadt

Ranch Hand Registration Round Up
Lisa Kivland

Padlet Questions