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Barry Morentz

Heather Martinez

Heather taught a Mini-class at Legacies III:
Learn to Sketchnote!

Heather Leavitt Martinez learned how to sketchnote before she sought training in calligraphy. She is a visual practitioner and lettering artist living in Durango, Colorado. After studying with master sign painters, graffiti artists, and calligraphers—which she continues to do today—Heather decided to translate what she learned to teach other visual practitioners the tradecraft of breaking down any lettering style into the professional tools they use in their work. Heather believes that what we write on the wall is more than mere handwriting—letters are the building blocks of communication.

Heather’s graphic recording work has been featured in Letter Arts Review where she was named an “Amanuensis” to master calligrapher, Mike Gold. A peak-career experience that bridges the gap between art and being a visual practitioner. Neuland Ambassador, Heather’s recent book, Lettering Journey: Fast. Functional. Fun! was inspired by her North American cross-country trip. You can sign up for her free online course Unlock Your Neuland Markers at