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Barry Morentz

Cora Pearl

Cora Pearl started studying calligraphy at age 11 and has been doing calligraphy and hand lettering ever since. She has a BA in Art and Art History from Oberlin College. Cora works as a full-time calligrapher and teacher of lettering arts—she teaches full credit calligraphy and hand lettering courses at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon, and teaches independent workshops, classes and private sessions, including year-long courses in Design for Lettering Art. She has taught workshops for the Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, the Oregon College of Art and Craft, and the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She has taught at several calligraphy conferences including Letters of Joy, the All Oregon Calligraphy Conference, IAMPETH, Letterfest, TypeCon, the International Calligraphy Conference, and Letters California Style. Cora teaches both in person and online, and during the pandemic has taught over 700 hours on Zoom.

Cora also does calligraphy commissions in addition to her teaching. Cora is passionate about the art of teaching and values a holistic approach to learning based on building trust and safety in the classroom environment, whether in person or online.